Guelph Co-ed Competitive Volleyball



Welcome to the Guelph Co-Ed Competitive Volleyball League!  We provide a fun and competitive environment, Monday and Wednesday evenings, September through May.  If you would like more information on our league, or are interested in joining, don't hesitate to contact us.

For general information please see the info/rules page.

Playoff Information:
1. Top 9 teams make the playoffs.

2. If your team needs a sub, get a sub from one of the 3 teams that did not make the playoffs from your own night. i.e. if you play Monday nights get a sub from one of the 3 teams that did not make the playoffs from Monday night. Subs for Monday night from: Black, Red, Aqua. Subs for Wednesday night from: Green, Blue, Maroon.

3. Very Important: The playoff lists will be compiled on Saturday any scores not submitted by then will not be used in determining team rankings.

Note For Rickson Ridge Players:
The doors are locked at 7:15. If you arrive after that time, knock on the gym door and someone will open the locked door for you. DO NOT enter through the gym!

Good luck everyone -- enjoy the season!

Playoffs wil be Dec 15th/17th -- top 9 teams will play

Reminders: NO outside shoes/boots in the gyms. Check the website weekly as any notices related to schedule changes will be posted on the main page. Enter game results within 24 hours of playing. Arrange for subs when necessary. Be out of the schools on time (10:30). Do not use the emergency exit in the Centennial gym. Have fun and play some great volleyball!!